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Afterglow: The Most Visually Memorizing Ski Film You’ve Seen

Regardless of whether or not you follow skiing, or any winter action sport for that matter, you can most certainly appreciate the creativity, skillful cinematography, and visual mastery on display in the 11-minute short film below aptly entitled Afterglow.

The piece, created by Sweetgrass Productions in association with Philips TV and Atomic Skis, was shot in the Alaskan mountains with a RED EPIC-equipped octocopter and a myriad of lights, gels and filters, producing the project’s overall stunning visual pallet.

Take a look:


“A couple times the skiers were like, ‘Holy sh.., that was scary,’”

In a interview with Wired, director Nick Waggoner said, “we wanted to do whatever we could to push the visual envelope.” This visual push was never more apparent in the segment of the video where each skier was strapped with 7,000 LEDs, resulting in the creation of a beautiful and colorful cannonball effect.


To view more ski-centric works from the team at Sweetgrass, be sure to check out their site for additional creativity and inspiration.


Source: Sweetgrass Productions | Via: Wired & NoFilmSchool

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