Astronaut Selfie 2014
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Selfies in Space: Astronauts Aboard the International Space Station Stop For a Few Self Portraits During Latest Space Walk

During the first of three scheduled spacewalks planned for the Expedition 41 team this month, Astronauts Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst took a few moments to admire their surroundings during a 6 hour and 13 minute mission outside the International Space Station on October 7th, capturing a few selfies nearly 100-miles above Earth’s surface.

The stunning shots, shown above and below, where captured using a Nikon D2X equipped with a 10.5mm fisheye lens kitted for space exposure, and although Nikon’s 12MP shooter is nearly a decade old, it still produces an incredible amount of detail and tremendous incite into the crew’s recent extravehicular activity (EVA).

But first…

Astronaut _Selfie 2014

While the images above are an awe-inspiring nod to the selfie culture many of us Earthling’s practice daily, selfies in space aren’t actually a new concept.

Astronaut Mike Hopkins, a flight engineer on NASA’s Expedition 38, took what might be the most legendary self portrait in space on December 24th of 2013 – an incredible image complete with Earth’s epic photobomb pictured below:

Nasa Space Selfie

In fact, if we were to delve deep within the history of space selfies, we would find that no other than Buzz Aldrin – the second person to ever step foot on our moon – snapped the first such photo in 1966 during NASA’a Gemini 12 missions.

For good measure, he recently tweeted the image with the caption “BEST SELFIE EVER” – solidifying himself as the originator of the “space selfie.”


Expedition 41’s next spacewalk is set for Wednesday, October 15th. To view more images from NASA’s current mission aboard the ISS, be sure to check out their Flickr page for full-resolution snaps.


Image Credits: NASA (Flickr) & NASA (Archival)

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