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Hands On With ‘Montage': The Simplified and Stylized Photo Book

There’s nothing quite like holding your work in the palm of your hands. It’s one thing for a photographer to post his or her portfolio on the web, or for one to upload special moments on social media, but its an entirely different feeling to view a series of photos in the physical form, having a tangible keepsake to display proudly – something like the Montage from Mixbook – an utterly beautiful, yet simple photo book.

The Photo Book, Reimagined.  

From the first moments I held the Montage in my hands, I was taken back by its overall quality. The covers are wrapped in a soft leather, very pleasing to the touch, and the stars of the show, the images, are printed on thick “layflat” paper which nearly eliminates distracting page seams. Most importantly, the prints themselves are crisp with accurate color representation – the color gradations and nuanced tones found on the source images I selected were translated faithfully to each page.


From start to finish, Montage’s creator tools make it incredibly easy to build a photo book to one’s individual liking. In fact, the entire process – uploading photos, selecting page and image layouts, and checkout – took about 10 minutes.

Based upon which of the 13 available themes you decide to use, Montage automatically generates a base page and photo layout, ready for any and all fine tuning and, with up to 70 pages and/or 180 images available for use, customization options are fairly extensive. Although, I preferred to use the one image per page formula due to the high amount of square format photos I used directly from my Instagram feed.

“From the first moments I held the Montage in my hands, I was taken back by its overall quality.”


Another area in which the Montage book shines is in its value. I’ve already touched upon the quality of materials used and the respectable print representation, but at $59 for the 8.5″ x 8.5″ option I went with, its a rather great deal – especially since all of the hassles, unknowns and time wasted with conventional photo book creation are conveiently handled from the start.

Montage also offers a small, 6-inch version for $39, and a large, 12-inch version for $119 with quick, flat rate shipping.

To take a test run and create a book for yourself, be sure to visit demo page and explore the creative process before make the purchase decision.


Disclaimer: Mixbook offered The Digital Visual a Montage book. However, this did not influence our thoughts or opinions on the product. Our views stated above are honest impressions based upon our time and experience with the product. 

Source: Montage | Images Via: The Digital Visual 

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